Stuntman Ignition


Precision driving game, sequel to the original Stuntman

Responsible for multiplayer level design & game design. Rapid prototyping and testing with 3D software tools. Co–designed menus and in–game graphics. Often challenging in game design is making every player feel like a rock star when playing, regardless of the skill level. Players need to be enticed to get better and keep playing until they win. The onscreen graphics and visuals of the heads up display has an important part to play for getting the player excited by giving them feedback when they are playing well.

Terminator 3
The Redemption


Action-adventure game based on the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Responsible for menu design and in-game interface. The goal here was simply to immerse the player in the Terminator world. Some of the signature moments from the movie were incorporated, like the Pause menu being part of the internal circuit board the T-800 accessed in the movie.

Spy Hunter


Modern remake of the classic arcade game

Responsible for front end menu design, in-game HUD, and game logo. First published title. Being an auto enthusiast, this was a really fun project to work on for my first title.