Media Hub


Newly released movies and TV episodes for rental or purchase.

Completely redesigned HQ’s proposal for Media hub for richer experience. Designed consistent interfaces across multiple platforms, including phone, tablet, and television. Marketing came to Design because they felt the corporate solution wasn't engaging enough and had a fairly boring look and feel, especially for a new product launch. The ask was to propose a new look and feel in a few weeks and take back to HQ in Korea. Ultimately, HQ agreed and updated their design incorporating about 70% of the proposed design. Ultimately, this was a successful compromise resulting from tight cross collaboration between multiple BU's.

Mobile Care


Interface to track progress on new mobile devices

Executive dashboard for bug reports on Samsung mobile devices. Created flowcharts, wireframes, and designed layouts.

NFC tap to control


Thermostat interface on mobile device

Designed prototype for mobile phones interacting with Samsung appliances. Wave mobile near device for remote interface control and support options. Demonstrated many UI concepts on devices as part of R&D Lab charter.

Slate and Slate Jr


Hardware concepts

Produced realistic images for hardware concepts for many next gen devices. Pitched new proposals to leadership and filed multiple patent applications.