Golf 10


Apple iOS app

My business partner (software engineer) and I published a Golf companion app that used GPS location data to mark flags, landmarks and other points of interest. Our goal was to be the premiere golf scoring app in the app store, utilizing the latest technology paired with a slick interface. Leveraging the iPhones touch screen, we were able to create unique ways to find/save distances anywhere on a course. Our score entry design incorporated a lot of stats that were incredibly easy to capture, with high contrast buttons and easy to read numbers, while out on the course. I was contacted by Apple for a co-branding opportunity where they wanted to highlight 5 apps from 5 major categories, our golf app was picked for Sports. Unfortunately, due to a licensing issue impacting our marketing assets, Apple moved on to their number 2 choice - lesson learned. Apple did still promote our app on the App store homepage, which skyrocketed sales.



Motion Activated Utility Light 

Secured patent rights in both United States and Canada for a handheld utility light designed for law enforcement and first responders. The onboard sensors detects the right or left hand gestures and tracks the position of the hand and wrist in 3D space to automatically turn on/off intended light display in order to direct traffic. The hand facing palm out, or stop gesture, would display a red light to oncoming traffic, while the come here gesture would display green to oncoming traffic.